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No Data For Experiment When using Javascript?

Kristopher 02-11-15

No Data For Experiment When using Javascript?

I'm currently using Optimizely to test hiding one module and showing another on our company homepage. I have set up the audience targeting to desktop, and set up the click tracking as normal per module, however it says I have had 0 visitors when we get about 2500 a day to this page.


Any advice I should know when using Javascript that I may have overlooked or am I being affected by the no data bug?

Joel_Balmer 02-11-15

Re: No Data For Experiment When using Javascript?

Hi Kristopher!


There are several resources you can use here:


  • Checking experiment setup - this article, here, takes you through some troubleshooting
  • General troubleshooting - handy tips, also links to other pages. You can see this, here
  • Debug specific goals - after you've tried these, you can debug for specific goals, here

My general advice though, here are the the main culprits:


  1. Snippet not installed [correctly]
  2. Audience targeting
  3. URL targeting
  4. Traffic allocation
  5. Manual activation

There may be other situations, but I hope this gets you started - good luck!