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No visitor result in analytic page

TheLorry 05-19-16

No visitor result in analytic page

Hi guys, newly joined optimizely and gave a simple test but the visitor page is always zero (No fancy settings or anything).


Snippet is working,

experiment is running,

correct url,

traffic allocation is set properly and went through some debug tutorial using browser's console:


and everything seems alright but the visitors are still zero lol. Confused.

Do I need to wait a few days to see the results?

Anything I missed out? Thanks Smiley Happy


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JDahlinANF 05-19-16

Re: No visitor result in analytic page

@TheLorry - do you have a URL to look at to make sure everything is running correct?  The Optimizely dashboard updates in near real time (typically, less than 5 minute delay).