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Not Tracking Click on Videos

jerryaus 07-27-15

Not Tracking Click on Videos



I set up an A/B Test where I change the position of a video on the page.


I create a goal of click on videos (play button) where I'm tracking the percentage of people that play the video


Also, I crete another goal for video thumbnails


The video thumbnails are working fione but the click on videos is not. One of the conversions (video play) is pretty low (much lower than the thumbnails) and the other ones I've set up (in different positions of the video is null


Is there any thing I might be missing when testing videos?



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MartijnSch 07-28-15

Re: Not Tracking Click on Videos


Could you tell me what the way is you set up tracking for the play videos. It could be that you're targeting the wrong selector for this and that's why it's tracking not enough conversions for your goals.
Amanda 07-29-15

Re: Not Tracking Click on Videos

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@jerryaus - Can you post the URL where this video is embedded? I'm curious if it's hosted on a different domain (ie youtube). If it is, you would be running into third party tracking issues. We can help you come up with a solution, but we'd need to know what the specifics of the video are first. 


Here are a couple links that might help too: