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Not able to load session page Cart

atxwebdesigner2 02-23-15

Not able to load session page Cart



I am trying to Create an Experiment for my cart page. I added a product to my shopping cart (session based). Then i created an Experiment (names Checkout). But the editor is not loading the Cart items. Can any one help me to fix the issue.


Here is the website:

and Cart page:


Here is the Screen Shot of the cart page when i created the Experiment. Note that I already added the products to the cart but cart page not loaded with products in cart.

Cart Page


Here is the video what i did


I noticed the Compatibality Mode alert which is common in all my browsers. I tried to fix it with the steps mentioned in and also moxed content issue


I am not able to success-ed with all the above steps. Can any one help me to fix the issue.

Joel_Balmer 02-23-15

Re: Not able to load session page Cart

Hi there!


I had a look at your cart page, and it doesn't look like the Optimizely snippet is installed - this will certainly help with editor loading issues.


But you are correct, session based data should persist to the editor - can you try out our process with regards to this, here?


After you've tried this, would you be able to double check the list in the full article, here?


If you've tried all the above and you still can't load, feel free to browser for others with similar issues - these posts from my colleagues have some particularly useful solutions for certain specific editor loading problems, here.


I hope that helps!

dbird 03-05-15

Re: Not able to load session page Cart

Hi atxwebdesigner2, 


Did one of the references by joel_balmer resolve the issue you were experiencing? Are you also using Magento? 


I have a client that is facing exactly the same thing you've described and am trying to help him resolve their cart issue.

I would be very interested and pleased to know what resolved your issue. Or is this problem still unresolved for you?


Thank you, David

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