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Not all conversion been recorded

Webworks 02-15-15

Not all conversion been recorded



I am running a test on two versions of an ecommerce web site home page, the only diferent is the main banner. I get an email for every sale and I have noticed that not all of my conversions appear to be recorded in the results page.


I am tracking pageviews of the following pages, both represent sales and can only be fired when a sale is made, I use simple match when setting up the goals.


Both pages are not fully recording pageview, for Feb 14th it showed less than half the conversions. Any ideas on this would be appreciated.  I can also see from my Google Analtyics that not all conversions are been recorded.


As a follow on question how quickly to conversion appear in the results page and as I am in Ireland GMT time zone , does optimizely work on GMT or a different time zone.


I am using a magneto shopping cart., any insights as to how I can fix this would be great





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Re: Not all conversion been recorded



I'm not sure I have enough details to help you out here, but hopefully I can give some assistance. For starters, you stated that you are running to "versions" of a homepage. Are these versions simply basic A/B variations? Or are you setting up Redirect tests? If you are setting up Redirect Tests then you need to ensure that you have set up Goal Targeting or your conversions will not be tracked properly on the page(s) being redirected to. See here for more info on setting this up (check out the yellow box). 


As far as the timezone question: Optimizely uses the relative timezone/timestamp of the website visitor. I believe the timestamp gets generated by a standard JavaScript Date object, but I'm not 100% on that. In any case, the time of conversion/event will show up in Optimizely relative to the user's timezone/location, not yours or your site's.


There is a great Chrome extension that you can use to debug Google Analytics tracking / other things. Check it out here


More info on debugging GA can be found here


Please note though that there are two versions of Google Analytics: classic vs. universal. You can determine which is being used by the GA script itself. The classic version will use a ga.js script name whereas the universal version will use analytics.js


I would suggest trying to fire specific tracking events (e.g., pageViews) in your browser console and using the debugger extension to gain info/insight as to the problems you might be experiencing. Also, if the code tracking conversions/pageViews is element-dependent, make sure the DOM/markup doesn't change in a way to break this in your variations.


Feel free to provide more info here and perhaps I or other devs can help further.

-- Sean
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