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Not allowing me to create new experiments

kjacobson 01-14-15
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Not allowing me to create new experiments

When I try to create a new experiement, it takes me to the editor page, but gives me instructions to "




With your app open, draw the Optimizely “O”


Draw a complete circle on your app's first screen. Your device will buzz quickly and you will be redirected through Mobile Safari when you complete the gesture.




And in settings it is giving me the snippet information for iOS, when I am working off of an imac. 


In the editor, I am unable to click on anything except for "goals" and "traffic allocation". In goals, it is suggesting mobile goals based on number of swipes and taps. 


I am just wanting to create an experiment for desktop computers. 

kjacobson 01-14-15

Re: Not allowing me to create new experiments

I figured it out. Within the editor, there is a pop-out menu button in the top left that allows you to switch projects. Projects when created will either be web or mobile per your specification. I created a new project, set it as web, and voila no more issues.