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Numbers calculation

WilliamHendric 12-26-16

Numbers calculation



I am running an experiment on a page which has a CTA change on Original & Variation. I have set up two goals. First goal is to track the clicks on the CTA and second goal is to track the pageviews to the page which users clicked on the CTA in the first goal. I got the below results,



Clicks/Unique Conversion: 121, Pageviews/Unique Conversion: 1006



Clicks/Unique Conversion: 138, Pageviews/Unique Conversion: 945


My question is how come when the clicks are lesser than the pageviews. Because only if users clicked on CTA they can move to the next page. So here clicks should be always greater than pageviews? How clicks & pageviews are calculated/measured in optimizely?


Thanks in Advance

Breana_Eads 12-28-16

Re: Numbers calculation


A page view goal is triggered by the page loading in the visitors browser, after successfully qualifying for the experiment, a page view can only be triggered once per snippet load.

A click goal is counted by mousedown and touchstart jQuery events in the Classic platform and click listener JavaScript event in Optimizely X. If a visitor is able to hit the return/enter key to advance or trigger the CTA then the click event would not be triggered. A click goal can be triggered more than once per snippet load.

Hope this helps.
Breana Eads