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OXID problem to test form without registration

Schimpke 11-14-14

OXID problem to test form without registration


I'm using Optimizely for OXID and I would like to test our forms in checkout. This involves the step 2 with the address data, especially the page with the order without registration. The problem is that there are no unique URLs to address the page, just a parameter. Did someone solved the same problem with OXID?

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Amanda 11-16-14

Re: OXID problem to test form without registration

Hey @Schimpke - can you share the checkout URL? I am unfamiliar with OXID, but have a couple quesitons that should help:


  • When you say there is not a unique URL, just a parameter --- is there a full page re-load when you move to the order page and a new query parameter is appended? Or, does it function more like a single page app?

If the former, then you could set your URL targeting to include the unique query parameter that is appended. 


If the latter, then we have a few options for you. You can use Manual Activation. This allows you to tell Optimizely specfically when to activate the experiment, ie when the user progresses to step 2 of registration.  Check out the article here for additional deatils:


Let us know if this helps. Happy to provide more details and examine the checkout flow if you can share the links. 





Schimpke 11-17-14

Re: OXID problem to test form without registration

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Hi Amanda,

thank you for the reply. I send you the url. I checked the manual activation but I just can't change the code.

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melsanz 11-03-16

Re: OXID problem to test form without registration



I work in an e-commerce site using oxid, I was wondering if you did found a solution for your problem?


Also I wanted to know how was the integration with oxid? Are you able to test everything you need? Is the visual editor working correctly? We don't want to involve the IT team every time we want to do an A/B test.


Thank you for your reply!

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