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Objects gone in original

Niklas_Teveo 11-24-14

Objects gone in original



If an object I want to delete is already gone without editing my variation#1. What should I do.

It's not showing in the orinial either.


Its a script on a checkoutpage that shows how much money you have to spend to get free shipping.

The same script is showing further down the site.


I've tried with turning off Jquery in optimizely. Tried it on also. Same problem.

Aisha 11-24-14

Re: Objects gone in original

Hi Niklas,


Since it sounds like the script is dependent on some session-specific data (i.e. a visitor would have to add things to their cart to make the script appear), you might need to follow the steps for loading pages with session-specific data into the Editor.


To do that, you'll want to do the following:


1) In a fresh browser window, load your live site with the script present on the page
2) In an adjacent tab, log in to your Optimizely account and load the URL from Step #1 into the Editor
3) Add your snippet to the page you're loading
4) Enable Mixed Content on your browser


Here is a short KB article that outlines these steps with screenshots: 


This should allow you to load any page that has session-specific data/elements on the page. 


Hope that helps!



Optimizely Support

Customer Success and Technical Support @ Optimizely!
Aisha 11-25-14

Re: Objects gone in original

@Niklas_Teveo  - can you also share the URL where this script and element appears? This will allow us to dig deeper into the issue might help give us a clue as to why it's not showing up in the editor. 

Customer Success and Technical Support @ Optimizely!