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Olark + Optimizely Integration

Mike_in_SF 04-28-14

Olark + Optimizely Integration

Question: does anybody know if you can integrate Olark and Optimizely?


I read an article on Qualaroo's website that showed they offered that product feature. Unfortunately, our client uses Olark and I'm curious if we can apply conditions or cookie ID's to individuals who hit the page based on customer interactions with Olark.


Any help would be appreciated!

- Mike
Kathryn 05-02-14

Re: Olark + Optimizely Integration

Hi Mike,

I'm not super familiar with Olark, so I just did a test installation myself. From my tests, it's really simple to set up clicks goals and similar on the Olark widget through Optimizely, which is a good start!

When you say you'd like to apply conditions or cookie IDs to individuals who hit a page based on customer interactions with Olark, could you give me an example use case? That way I'll be able to test how this would work and get back to you with the results.

Thanks in advance!