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Only Show B Variant Once

Jcrowe 04-12-16

Only Show B Variant Once

In testing a new variant of the landing page, we want to show a video to visitors. After they have seen it once, we do not want to display it again. Is it possible to segment the users like this through Optimizely? We definitely do not want users to repeatedly see the video.

I could set this experiment up just for first time visitors but our goal is to see the result for all visitors, new and returning.

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MartijnSch 04-12-16

Re: Only Show B Variant Once


What you could do is in your variant set another cookie to check if they've seen the video or not and based on that send some more information to your web analytics in order to analyse the test. What could happen to otherwise is that people might not be seeing the variant the second time they come visit your page.