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Optimizely Goal Stopped Counting

mateustav 07-23-15

Optimizely Goal Stopped Counting

I started a test yesterday, July 22nd on our home page and we saw a page view goal getting visitors and conversions right away.

Today, the number of conversions stopped increasing even though all looks right. It's not because the page didn't have any new conversions, because I properly tested on both variations and I completed the conversion funnel with no problem, and the number of visitors still keep increasing.

Is there a delay or a problem going on now?

Mario 07-23-15

Re: Optimizely Goal Stopped Counting

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out to Optiverse. Unfortunately, your issue is pretty specific. Please submit a support ticket so that our support team can have a closer look at this issue.

Sr. Technical Support Engineer
EMEA | Amsterdam