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Optimizely Loading Issues

MikeSchmutz 02-06-15

Optimizely Loading Issues

Optimizely for some reason is having huge issues with loading their basic platform. I usually have to switch between three different browsers hourly to try and get it to work. Is this just because I'm on the freemium version?


I know I need to disable the security warning and make sure my code is implemented correctly, which I've done, but this is getting really frustrating. Has anybody else experienced these issues?

Joel_Balmer 02-09-15

Re: Optimizely Loading Issues

Hi Mike!


Optimizely does not have any differences with how we load the editor between subscription plans.


The 'mixed content' secutiry warning can often solve the problem, but there may be other reasons such as not installing the snippet or loading session specific content. These and more are covered in our article, here.


This community post also has some great advice and links to other articles that may be very useful, here.


I hope that helps!