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Optimizely and 4q/iPerceptions conflict?

sfmkt 06-06-14

Optimizely and 4q/iPerceptions conflict?

Recently discovered that when Optmizely was installed that 4q/iPerceptions stopped working.  Has anyone else seen this? If so, is it a known issue? Workarounds? thank you!

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Kathryn 06-09-14

Re: Optimizely and 4q/iPerceptions conflict?


Thanks for contacting us. This isn't a known issue, no.

That being the case, I'd be interested in taking a closer look at your experiment set-up and seeing if I can find a conflict that might be causing the breakdown in iPerceptions functionality.

If you could send a ticket to with the experiment ID and a brief description of the issue to help us reproduce the problem on our side, that would be fantastic and I'll have one of the team investigate.

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