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Optimizely and Hubspot

nathanpabich 05-14-15

Optimizely and Hubspot

Hi there,


I'm curious if anyone has used Optimzely in conjunction with Hubspot. My company is looking to start testing out button and call-to-actions on our website. We use Hubspot to track our button clicks, so but before I go too far down this path, I'm hoping someone with experience could tell me what to look out for and whether button tests affect Hubspot's tracking. 





michaelwei 05-19-15

Re: Optimizely and Hubspot

Hi Nathan,

Optimizely shouldn't have an affect as long as the button tracking uses IDs to identify the buttons. Under a good portion of cases, you should be perfectly fine. However, there are a few things you should definitely look out for:


- Are the click events identified using and ID, classes, or jQuery selector? If you're identifying your tracked buttons using IDs, you shouldn't have anything to worry about. If you're using classes or a jQuery selector, you should double check to make sure those are still referring to the correct buttons after the changes made using Optimizely are made.


- Are your changes with Optimizely just style/text changes, or do they rearrange elements on the page? If you're rearranging elements, there's a chance that the selector that Hubspot is using doesn't match anymore. In this situation, make sure that Hubspot is identifying the tracked buttons using IDs and not classes.


Those are the major things you should look for. Basically, if you can use IDs to identify CTA buttons in Hubspot, try to use those if possible!



alyssaomara 11-03-15

Re: Optimizely and Hubspot

Michael, when you say to look to see if you are using ID's or jQuery selector on the buttons, is this in Hubspot or in Optimizely. I am currently running a test on a Hubspot CTA button and it doesn't seem to be tracking the clicks in the original.

Re: Optimizely and Hubspot

Bump.... I have the same question!

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