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Optimizely breaking jquery dotdotdot (ellipsis) feature when test is running

MichaelKoploy 02-05-15
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Optimizely breaking jquery dotdotdot (ellipsis) feature when test is running

We're having an issue with a text truncation jquery feature on our site. It only seems to occur when we run start an Optimizely test.


Our intent with this feature is to truncate text if the content is "longer" than a pre-set height.


Here's an example of the feature at on one of our pages that does not have Optimizely triggered:


The feature is working here. You'll see the text is truncated and users can click "read more" to access the rest of the content.


But, once I target a group of URLs via Optimizely, the jquery plugin no longer works. Right now, I have the test targeting all security software products on our site and I encounter this issue on every page.


Here, you'll see that the "Read More" feature is not visible on this page:

Read More Missing.png



From a code standpoint on the page, this feature is controlled within the div id "ellipsys-executed" and ellipsys-excuted information can be found in our product_reveal.js file


Any ideas on how to solve this or what could be the root cause?

Brian_Abad 02-06-15

Re: Optimizely breaking jquery dotdotdot (ellipsis) feature when test is running

Thanks for the question, Michael!

If you are familiar with which experiment is causing the problem I suggest going in and taking a look into the < edit code > box of the variation. If you are unsure of which experiment and variation are running on the page when encountering missing the Read More button, feel free to follow the instructions within our knowledge base that covers how to identify an experiment ID and which variation a user has been bucketed into - here:

From there, as you are familiar with the ID specified for the div, I would check within the < edit code > box if any of the code present targets that div and creates any sort of change that would hide it from view.

If you are able to identify a line that makes changes to this div, you can test whether this line is the root cause by commenting it out and seeing if the Read More button reappears. To comment out a line of code, simply prepend it with //

Let me know if you have any questions regarding this!
Brian Abad
Manager, Technical Support
Customer Success