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Optimizely for Functional Changes in Web Systems

ChordWizard 02-18-16

Optimizely for Functional Changes in Web Systems

Greetings.  We are evaluating Optimizely for possible use with a survey-based web system.


We are primarliy wanting to experiment with changes to functionality, for example, including or excluding questions, or otherwise modifying system behavior between the A/B groups.


My impression from reading the introductory information is that Optimizely is aimed only at adjusting the layout or other visual aspects of the page elements, and would not have the capability to create variations of a functional or behavioral nature.


Am I correct in this?  If not, can someone provide examples or case studies where Optimizely has been used to effect these types of variations that we are seeking?


Many thanks in advance.

Lyndsey 02-19-16

Re: Optimizely for Functional Changes in Web Systems

Optimizely allows you to make client-side changes, whether that be visual or functional. Our Knowledge Base has a wealth of information on all the changes you can make to test, you can find documentation on building experiments here:  


Here is a list of our 10 most common experiments and how to build: , which might be a good start in learning more about the product. 



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