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Optimizely image testing on Wordpress

valelcd 02-19-16

Optimizely image testing on Wordpress

Hi there - I understand that the Optimizely plugin is exclusively for headline testing; as an alternative, would I be able to simply embed the Optimizely snippet (without plugin) into the header & test other items on the page (e.g. - images)... the same as I would with any other site?

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DavidS 02-22-16

Re: Optimizely image testing on Wordpress

Hi valelcd,


Thanks for reaching out!

I understand that you would like to A/B test more than just headlines with WordPress. This is possible. 


To achieve that, you'd add the Optimizely snippet in the header template file. You can find out more on how to use WordPress and Optimizely by following this Knowledge Base article


I hope that is helpful.


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