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Optimizely lets you experiment on everything

RyanC 09-06-17

Optimizely lets you experiment on everything

Optimizely has just been mentioned on a recent article on a blog I follow, mainly arguing that companies are being vague on what and how their product operates.


What are your thoughts? Could it be explained better on the homepage?

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Jason-GSell 09-07-17

Re: Optimizely lets you experiment on everything

Thanks for sharing this @RyanC! At first I was very excited because this is also a massive pet peeve of mine. In our experiment ideation workshops, we're frequently discussing how companies can do a better job simply stating what they do. Naturally my enthusiasm waned when I found Optimizely caught in the cross-hairs. 


I think many marketers try to strike a balance between visionary, executive-oriented language, and the more pragmatic, "this is what we do and how we do it" end-user-oriented language. Many B2B companies - especially startups - are trying to tell a story that's larger than just the assemblage of features found in their products. So marketers are challenged to strike a strong vision, without obfuscating what their product actually does. I think our team has done a good job with this balance. The headline speaks to innovation everywhere - decidedly visionary - but just below we say "Optimizely lets you experiment on everything -- from design choices to algorithms". That's how we fulfill the vision above. And then we recognize the outcome of this work: superior ideas winning in the battles of experimentation leading to optimal customer experiences. 


I'd love to hear from the rest of the community though - who do you think does this really well? Who does it poorly? Let us know!

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