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Optimizely not showing Variation

imtiazshams 04-27-16

Optimizely not showing Variation

Hi guys,

My optimizely experiment is showing as "loaded", when you look at the website or through my Optimizely viewer, however no one seems to see it. I think it is because I am using a Themify template. I tried to "force" it using the Javascript code but that did not work.


The only difference between Variation 1 and the Original is currently a different image. As you can see, it is currently running, however not showing. 

robertchan 04-27-16

Re: Optimizely not showing Variation

I don't think you shared the link with us. There are a few things that may be causing your issue. You might have your IP filter set incorrectly in your settings. You might have the wrong code snippet for your project implemented into the page. Finally, you might have JavaScript code shooting off prematurely in which case you should do a window.onload.
Robert Chan

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imtiazshams 05-05-16

Re: Optimizely not showing Variation

Hey, thanks! The website is as you can see, the variation is loaded but not showing.
JasonDahlin 05-05-16

Re: Optimizely not showing Variation

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@imtiazshams - you are updating the "src" attribute but not the "srcset" attribute which is causing your change to not actually accomplish anything.  


Try like this (I had to change $ to jQuery to get it to run in the console):



--Jason Dahlin
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imtiazshams 05-07-16

Re: Optimizely not showing Variation

Pardon my noobness, is this what you mean I should do? (this is in the Variation 1 Javascript box):

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 09.25.02.png