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Optimizely not working?!

gdjc 10-13-14

Optimizely not working?!

Submitted a support ticket but no reply as yet and need to get around this ASAP.


I've used Optimizely a load over the last year or so without any issues. In the last few days it's stopped working on all my browsersr (Chrome: Load unsafe script, just get the "Sorry we can't find that URL" error. Firefox: Just exits the page after disabling protection and I end up on my website. IE: Same. Safari: Same....)


Any ideas?!

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adzeds 10-13-14

Re: Optimizely not working?!

Are you able to share or DM a link that we I can investigate?
David Shaw
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Zigorlm 10-20-14

Re: Optimizely not working?!



I am dealing with a similar problem.


I just put the snippet in the header but when I try to create an experiment in my check-out I receive the following message:


Sorry, but we were unable to load http://Ocultar%20Cup%C3%B3n


I have clicked on the lock icon and selected Load unsafe script”


But the problem is still there.


Would you kindly help me?


Kind Regards

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henrikb 03-24-15

Re: Optimizely not working?!

Hi @zigorim

What browser are you using? If you're on Chrome (Mac), quit Chrome (all tabs & pages), open Terminal and put the following sequence into the Terminal:

/Applications/Google\\ Chrome --allow-running-insecure-content &

Best, Henrik
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