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Optimizely on mobile internet (not app)

danhove 12-13-14

Optimizely on mobile internet (not app)


I get most of my traffic on mobile, and just created an Optimizely test on my site, targeting different messages to different users based on their mobile browser


For example users with blackberry browsers see one messages, users with iPhone browsers see another.

However although my Google Analytics is showing my site is getting the vast majority of its traffic from mobile devices, including the devices I've targeted, the tests I've set up are not getting any traffic. 


I put the tests live 2 days ago, still no test traffic being tracked for any mobile browser, despite traffic going through my site..

Any ideas?



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td_evans 12-15-14

Re: Optimizely on mobile internet (not app)

The likelihood is that something has gone amiss either with the either the URL targeting or the Audiences for the experiment, have you double checked these? Are you able to provide screenshots and info of what URLs stuff should be running - then someone may be able to assist.

Thomas Evans
Technical Product Manager - Conversion @ Secret Escapes

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Brian_Abad 12-15-14

Re: Optimizely on mobile internet (not app)

@td_evans hit the nail right on the head! Confirming the URL that users land on is encompassed by your URL Targeting and checking your Audience set-up would be the first things I would check. 


Could you let us know how this goes for you?

Brian Abad
Manager, Technical Support
Customer Success