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Optimizely randomly moves me away from results page

avinash 08-05-14

Optimizely randomly moves me away from results page

This happens very often and is extremely frustrating. Unfortunately it does not seem to happen for anyone else around me using optimizely and I can't figure out what is unique about my set-up that may be causing this.


Browser: Chrome v36.0.1985.125. I am on Mac OSX (10.9.3) and have ensured that the mouse gestures are disabled.



1. Right click on any experiment under Active experiments in the main dashboard

2. Click 'View Results'. This open up a new tab 



At this point, the frustration begins. Very few times optimizely will let me interact with the view results page. A lot of the times it will simply complete loading the page and as soon as it's done, it will refresh the page with no external trigger and put me on the main dashboard. I have ensured that there is no mouse click or any other external event that may cause this.


The few times it let's me interact with the 'view results' page, when I perform filter/expand or any other type of operations on the page, it will randomly refresh the page and land me on the main dashboard page. I can't figure out a pattern to what operation causes this. 


Has anyone else experienced this? Any other information I can furnish to help Optimizely repro/diagnose/fix this? 

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Kathryn 08-06-14

Re: Optimizely randomly moves me away from results page

Hi Avinash,

I'm on the technical support team and I have not heard this problem reported by any other clients, so I think your instinct is right that something in your setup is causing the problem.

Here are some things I would try to help further diagnose the issue:

1) Check whether the issue can be reproduced across browsers. Which browsers are affected?
2) Clear your cookies and your cache - does the issue still occur?
3) With the browser console open, check whether there are any error messages in the console when the redirect triggers. If so, what do you see?

Having check these things, if the redirect continues to occur, it would be great if you can tell me the email address you're using to log in to your Optimizely account, so that I can see if I can reproduce the problem on my side.

Thank you!
AdamA 08-20-14

Re: Optimizely randomly moves me away from results page

Hi Avinash,


I've heard that for our customers who experience this issue, it's often caused by the LastPass browser extension. We're investigating a fix for this conflict, but for the time being if you disable LastPass autologin on Optimizely, or load the editor in an incognito/private browsing window, you should no longer have this issue.


Do you happen to be using the LastPass extension in your browser?




Kathryn 09-08-14

Re: Optimizely randomly moves me away from results page

Hey Adam,

Thanks for this! I'd definitely be interested to hear if this was the cause of the issue and will bear this in mind for the support team. Please do let us know if you find a fix.