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Optimizely shows revenue but my biller doesn't. How can that be?

facedata 04-07-15

Optimizely shows revenue but my biller doesn't. How can that be?

My Optimizely experiment shows transaction revenue in one of the variations but my 3rd party biller doesn't show any transaction revenue. How can that be possible? The revenue gets posted back to Optimizely on the biller confirmation page so anyone hitting that page would have to have all of the right URL variables to post correctly.


These kinds of discrepenies make me uncertain about using Optimizely to make business decisions.

Any ideas?


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Re: Optimizely shows revenue but my biller doesn't. How can that be?

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Hi there,


Thanks for reaching out and expressing your concerns. As a first step, let's review and make sure that your Optimizely revenue goals are set up correctly. From there we'll explore why we might be seeing different results from your 3rd party biller. 


STEP ONE: Checking you've correctly implemented the custom event on your page's source code. This calls Optimizely's revenue API. 


  • Can you please post a screenshot of the source code where the revenue code is added. It is usually on the checkout page, located BELOW the Optimizely snippet and looks something like this:
window.optimizely = window.optimizely || [];
window.optimizely.push(['trackEvent', 'eventName', {'revenue': valueInCents}]);

STEP TWO: Checking your network data. Confirming the revenue goal has triggered 



  • Can you please post a screenshot confirming that the network data has been sent. Here is an article that explains how to find this information within your developer console. 
  • HINT: In order to do this, it's helpful if you have a test account/test credit card you can use to make a mock purchase. Usually, it's difficult to access the 'checkout/success' page where your API code is located without going through the full checkout steps.
  • As you work through the check-out, open your developer console's Network tab and filter by XHR's with the event name "event?". Look for the revenue goal. You can identify it by examining the "n" parameter of the request header. Under the "n" parameter, you will see whatever you passed as the "description" field for Revenue. For the revenue event, you will also see a "v" parameter with the revenue amount you are sending to Optimizely. This should be in cents. 


STEP THREE: Checking the information has been attributed to the correct experiment


  • Looking again at the request header, do you see an "x" parameter? Does it match the experiment ID in question? You can identify your experiment ID by pulling up the experiment within Optimizely's editor. Look for the ID in your URL.
  • If there is no "x" parameter, there are a few things we can check. Did you set up a "Total Revenue Goal" within the experiment? Did you set up a "Custom Event" goal associated with that revenue? If so, does the "n" parameter match the "Custom Event to track" description field for the goal? Both of these should match the description" field in your revenue API.



STEP FOUR: Checking your results page


  • If the event triggered in the network data, are you also seeing it show up as expected on your results page?



As a member of the technical support team, these are initial steps I would take to troubleshoot a revenue goal. If you can confirm that the Optimizely revenue goal is correctly set up on the confirmation page, we'll then look further at the discrepency. Do you know how your third party biller counts revenue? Are you sure that the API call is not duplicated elsewhere within the checkout cycle (i.e. the revenue goal triggers even though the user hasn't completed the purchase)?


Looking forward to hearing back from you and working to get this resolved. Smiley Happy




Amy Herbertson
Customer Success

Re: Optimizely shows revenue but my biller doesn't. How can that be?



I'd like to start off by saying that this isn't really our first experiment not is it our first test of the technology. All of our tests of transactions of different amounts have passed and reported correctly in Optimizely. It's just that recently, after launching the product live after all of our testing, transactions seen in Optimizely weren't seen in our biller's logs. 


But, even so, here's a screenshot of the code snippet from a test done just now along with the netword data showing the matching experiment ID:


Screenshot 2015-04-08 10.44.18.png


Screenshot 2015-04-08 11.05.00.png

Re: Optimizely shows revenue but my biller doesn't. How can that be?

Hi Daryl,

The API code you've set up on your page looks correct.

However, I was not able to derive much information from the image of the network data. Can you expand it so that we can see the specific query parameters (n, v, and x).

Amy Herbertson
Customer Success
Amanda 04-13-15

Re: Optimizely shows revenue but my biller doesn't. How can that be?

Daryl - 


Is there a way you can look into whether an event is being successfully fired to your biller too? Do you expect there to be a network event or some other success event? Secondly, is *any* revenue being sent to your biller or is it just in certain circumstances?