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Optimizely visitor count is much smaller than expected

rollerblade 01-09-15

Optimizely visitor count is much smaller than expected

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I have configured an ABA test and it seems to work correctly (A = original, B = redirect to another page, the second A = a variation similar to the original), but the number of visitors that is counted by Optimizely is much smaller than the number of users reported by Google Analytics. For example for January 7 GA says 1005 users with 18% being Returning Visitors, while Optimizely says 66 Unique Visitors.

Can this be correct, or there is probably a problem with how I configured the experiment?


Thank you.



Amanda 01-12-15

Re: Optimizely visitor count is much smaller than expected

Hi @rollerblade - Can you post the URL where your experiment is running so we can take a look at your GA integration set up?


Also, there are several reasons that Google Analytics might be showing higher visitors than Optimizely. Can you double check these?


Primarily, the difference in unique visitors comes from how Google uses a tracking call that is session based (for a definition of sessions, please click here), whereas Optimizely uses a 10-year cookie, so we can track by unique users, as long as cookies are not cleared. This always leads to a discrepancy between Google's numbers and Optimizely's.


Also, can you make sure that you are looking at the right page set in Google Analytics? For example, a common error is to look at sitewide data in GA while your experiment is only targeted at one or two pages. 


Check out our Support article here: It provides an overview of troubleshooting techniques as well as an overview of how the integration works. 


Let me know if this is helpful!