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Optimizely weather integrations

Lee 12-07-17

Optimizely weather integrations

Hi There,


I've looked through the supported integrations list here: Optimizely X Integrations, trying to find one that would support audience definitions based on weather data but couldn't see one.


Other pages mention Skymosity but this doesn't appear to be supported in Optimizely X.


Are there any available weather based integrations?


Thank you.

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Mario 12-08-17

Re: Optimizely weather integrations

Hi there,


Thanks for reaching out to the Optiverse community.


There are currently no other weather based integrations available. At this time Skymosity is only available for Optimizely Classic. However, our product team is constantly working on transitioning Classic integrations to Optimizely X.


As soon as Skymosity is available on Optimizely X , we will update our integrations overview page.







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