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Overlapping Experiments

dfoley 05-28-14

Overlapping Experiments

If i run an experiment say on the home page.. then I want to run an experiement that runs on ALL pages these 2 will overlap.. (the both run on the index page).. can i do that?

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Amanda 05-29-14

Re: Overlapping Experiments

Hi dfoley!


You can definitely run two tests on the same page at the same time. The only time this is problematic is if the 2 tests are affecting the same element on the page (this could cause one experiment to overwrite the other). However, if your experiments are testing different elements, you are good to go. Here’s why:


  • Overlapping tests collect statistically significant results more quickly.  More visitors give you a larger sample size and more conversions. 
  • Overlapping tests typically do not impact one another's results. This is because visitors are randomly assigned to variations in each test completely independently of one another. This means that any impact one test may have on another is evenly distributed across the second test's variations causing any impact to cancel out. 

For additional information simultaneous testing, check out the Knowledge Base article here.


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