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PageView Goals Not Tracking in Optimizely

lafsunlmtd 11-23-14

PageView Goals Not Tracking in Optimizely

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I know it sounds like a rookie mistake, but for the first time i am not able to get goal tracking to work. I've done tons of expirements before exactly the same everything has worked like a charm. Its a pageview track for a lead page submission. 


This set worked fine and tracked all conversions


This one is pretty much the exact same page, is not tracking any pageview goals


I cannot for the lif e of me figure out what is going on. 

in both goals in optimizely i left off the http:// in the goal url and i'm using simple match. I have the tag right after the opening head tag.  

Amanda 11-24-14

Re: PageView Goals not tracking

Good question. Looks like you have the wrong Optimizely snippet on your Dallas thank you page. Your experiment running on has the snippet <script src="//"></script>, but once you get to the "Thank You" page, the snippet changes to <script src="//"></script>. See attached for reference. 


Your snippets need to match your project code, which in this instance is the first one. If you can adjust the "Thank You" page snippet to be the correct one, then you should see the pageview goal captured just fine. 


Let me know if you have any questions on this. 


Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 4.42.28 PM.png

lafsunlmtd 11-24-14

Re: PageView Goals not tracking

Thanks so much. Saw the code on there, didn't even think to check the account!