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PageView Goals not tracking

rroleary 11-18-14

PageView Goals not tracking

I have a pageview goal set up for a thank you page on an experiment that's targeting a form starting on my homepage. I know that I have had visitors to that thank youpage however no goals have registered in Optimizely. When I look at the network traffic log, I see that the expiriment original is registering in the X parameter but none of the variations and the knowledgebase suggests that all variations should log here regardless of where you're being bucketed is. There a problem with the implementation of the pageview goal or the experiement to make these pageviews not fire?



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greg 11-18-14

Re: PageView Goals not tracking

I would look into the following:

- Make sure the goal page has the Optimizely script.
- Make sure the pageview goal is properly defined. Use the built-in URL validator to check this.
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Aisha 11-18-14

Re: PageView Goals not tracking

Hi RRoleary, 


Greg has some great suggestions to get you started! I'd like to second checking the URL for your goal, as it tends to be the cause for a lot of tracking problems. You'll want to make sure that you have the right match condition for your goal. For instance, if you have an Exact Match pageview goal on but a visitor goes to, that visitor will not trigger your goal. So you'll want to just check that the match condition is inclusive enough for the URLs you're looking to capture. 


For more info about match types, feel free to take a look at this article





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