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Pageview Goals

jlivdahl 12-21-16
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Pageview Goals

Are pageview goals only tracked after the visitor views your experiment page?


So if I have two pages -- (A) product gallery and (B) product detail page and page B is my test page, would it only count visitors who go to B and then A?

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JasonDahlin 12-22-16

Re: Pageview Goals

Page View goals are tracked whenever a user sees that page, whether they have been in an experiment or not.  However, the Goal is tied to whatever experiment/variations they have seen up to that point.


For example,

I am running an experiment on the Homepage and I have a Page View goal of my "Order Confirmation page".


1- If a user hits my homepage, is allocated to "Variation 1" and then completes an order, the Goal will show up in the results for this experiment's Variation A.


2- If a user who completes an order but has not seen my homepage yet will not show up in my experiments results.


3- If the user from #2 now sees the homepage and is allocated to Variation A, they will still not show up in the experiments results.


Summarizing... when a goal is met, Optimizely records all of the experiment/variations that a user is *currently* in at the time that the goal is met.  If the user enters or exits an experiment *after* meeting a Page View goal, becuase they were in the experiment when the goal was met, the goal still counts.

--Jason Dahlin
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jlivdahl 12-22-16

Re: Pageview Goals

Thank you Jason! This was very helpful for me.
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robinslj02 02-17-17

Re: Pageview Goals

Me too! Thanks Jason