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Pageview goal not tracking

Andrew_C 08-23-16

Pageview goal not tracking

Greetings!  So I've created a pageview conversions goal to track account sign-ups.  The url includes /gettingstarted?new=true and I've set it as a simple match.  I am not seeing any conversions being tracked.  Is my match type not correct?


Thank you!

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AshK 08-23-16

Re: Pageview goal not tracking

Greetings Andrew!


For pageview goals that include certain parameters, try using Exact Match instead of Simple Match. Here's an excerpt from the goal docs which addresses your question:

  • "Exact match: A page or set of pages with specific query parameters that you define."

You can find more info on this an examples in the knowledge base over here:


Hope it works. Let me know if it doesn't or you have any follow up questions.




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Zsolt 08-23-16

Re: Pageview goal not tracking

You'll need exact match if you're targeting a part of a URL. Simple match is for cases where you want all versions of a domain matched - i.e.,, etc.

Hope this helps. Cheers!

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