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Pageview goals fired by accident

anothertester 08-25-14

Pageview goals fired by accident

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I'm new to Optmizely and I have a quick question that I can't find a clear answer to: I'd like to track how many people click from the homepage onto one of six products pages. Now, one of the variations I'm testing includes a number of different links to these pages -- so I figure the simplest goal to set up would be a pageview goal (so all the product pages would be the goals).


But would anyone else who lands on one of these product pageswithout first hitting the homepage also trigger the goal? Or is the pageview goal only triggered when someone first lands on the page you're testing (the homepage in my case).


Hope that makes senses.





GrazittiI 08-26-14

Re: Pageview goals fired by accident

Pageview goal will be fired even if the user lands on page directly.
You can create a new custom event and call it "viewed after home".

Then, add a cookie or flag a user when they click the link on home page. Now at the product page check for that cookie and if it's present fire the new custom event you've set up.

Re: Pageview goals fired by accident

Hi @anothertester,


Great question.  There are two aspects to how Optimizely will register a pageview goal.


  1. If the Optimizely snippet is on the page, a pageview goal will fire by default.  This is independent and above any experiment that may or may not be running live on the page.
  2. Part of the data that is sent with that pageview goal is the experiment ID and variation ID of the live experiment into which this user has been bucketed.  It is these pieces of data that allow Optimizely to attribute this conversion to a particular experiment and show it on your results page.  If these pieces of data are not present, Optimizely won't count this pageview event as a conversion in your experiment.

It is item #2 above that protects your site and the integrity of your experiment in this case.  The only users who can truly fire a pageview goal that will be seen in your results will be those who started on your homepage and were bucketed into the experiment.


If you'd like, I can provide a follow-up response that dives more deeply into the technical aspects of what our pageview event looks like and what data is passed.

Harrison Krat
Solutions Architect | Optimizely, Inc.