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Permissions for each project

Hiromi 11-04-14
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Permissions for each project

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I would like to know about permissions on projects. 



Can I authorize an user account to access only to a certain project?

If I can authorize the access, how does a "start page" look like?

      A.All users can see the list of all projects, but can only access to authorized projects.

      B.An user can only see the list of authorized projects, and cannot see the rest.


I appriciate your help!




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Amanda 11-05-14

Re: Permissions for each project

@Hiromi  - You can grant different permissions to different people. You can find the details of each permission level available here:


If you authorize a user to only 1 project, they will *only* be able to access this single project. They will not see the other projects. So, your scenario B is correct. 


Does this help clear things up? Let me know if you have questions! I would be happy to provide more details. 


Hiromi 11-05-14

Re: Permissions for each project

Thank you very much for the answer.
It was what I wanted to know!!
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