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Personalization Tools

JDahlinANF 06-19-15

Personalization Tools

Optimizely Moves Beyond Web And Mobile Testing With New Personalization Tools


I expect there will be a "marketing type" announcement and accompanying blog posts about the topic, but can we get some of the details on how this will actually be any different from what is already available?



The article provides an example where a site personalizes content based on the current whether.  I could create the same effect by integrating a weather API and triggering the activation of an experiment based on the results of the current whether.


The triggered experiments, combined with segments that I define, can already create the types of breakdowns illustrated (though, honestly, we do not use Optimizely's charting at all, we pull everything from SiteCatalyst.  So, maybe this is an improvement to the reporting area or ease of integration?

Re: Personalization Tools

Hi Napoleon,


We’ve recently announced the new features of the Personalization product in this blog post. You can read about it here!  At this time, we are releasing a limited Beta.


Additionally, in the coming weeks we will be releasing the recorded demo from Opticon 2015. If you haven’t seen this yet, it’s worth checking out. I’ll post the link to this thread once it’s been released. The demo on an mock E-commerce website will give you and the community insights into the full functionality of this powerful product! Stay tuned!


Optimizely Personalization is an entirely new product. It was purpose-built for creating personalized experiences for different audiences. We’ve re-throught the workflow and results to match these objectives. 





Amy Herbertson
Customer Success