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Personalized Landing Pages for Location based AdWords Campaigns

ryanw 07-01-15

Personalized Landing Pages for Location based AdWords Campaigns

Hi all. I've faced this challenge a few times recently and wondred if anyone had developed any good solutions.


I am running lots of location based AdWords campaigns and I want to test the impact of creating location based pages using Optimizely. For example, the search term includes a location based term such as "london", the ad copy will contain "london" and I would like the landing page headline and other content to also contain "london".


I know I could set up a separate test for each location and use a campaign query parameter within the source URL, but I would really like to do this across MULTIPLE locations in a SINGLE test. This is for two reasons:


  1. Speed - For some of these Clients it will take me a long time to create all of the variations in separate tests!
  2. Reliability - For many of these Clients the volume of trafic from each individual location is actually quite small and it will take a long time to get a result of "significance". I woul dliek to aggregate the tests together so that I can get to a reliable result faster.

I would much rather use Optimizely for this than VWO! 


[How to personalize landing pages to match PPC ads using VWO (Visual Website Optimizer) -].


Any thoughts welcome.

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michaelH 07-01-15

Re: Personalized Landing Pages for Location based AdWords Campaigns

Hi Ryan


This is an interesting use of Optimizely! There are a few ways you could accomplish this depending on what your testing goals are and your technical level.  The smartest approach may be writing a bit of javascript that swaps in the geotargeted landing page headline and other content and using this as your variation code.  Your experiment would then have an original and 1 variation, and you could use the results to directly show if this lead to a lift in conversion rate.  


If you're not so comfortable with writing your own javascript, you could simply make a new variation for each unique page and use the bucket visitor javascript API call to place each visitor in the appropriate variation, however the results of this experiment may be more difficult to interpret.


A third option is the one you mentioned involving creating multiple experiments, however this would be time consuming and potentially ineffecient if used on a low traffic site.  This could be accomplished programmatically using the REST API which may be useful to you down the road when running many tests on a high volume site.


Let us know what you decide!



ryanw 07-02-15

Re: Personalized Landing Pages for Location based AdWords Campaigns

Thanks Michael. JavaScript seems like the obvious answer. If it's seen as the best way as far as you are concerned then i'm happy! I'll let you know how the test goes.  

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