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Platform Certification: How and Where?

andreasbalzer 08-16-16
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Platform Certification: How and Where?


I am interested in getting certified but would like to do so independent of my employer paying for the Optimizely contract. Is there a possibility of me as an individual doing the exam and paying for myself?

Also, is it online or would I need to visit a certification center? If the latter, are there any in Ireland?




MartijnSch 08-16-16

Re: Platform Certification: How and Where?

Hi Andreas,


The Optimizely Platform certification is based on an individual level. You can set it up and pay for it yourself regardless of the company you work for. My first certification was paid by the company and the second one I did was paid for by myself when I had to renew it a couple of months ago. It's a great way of showing that you have knowledge about Optimizely, or to quote: ".. allows individuals to showcase proficiency with the Optimizely platform and key concepts of optimization."


It's an online certification so no need to visit a center (in Ireland). All the more information you'll be needing can be found here:


Good luck with studying!