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Preview won't load

Ed 11-12-14

Preview won't load



I've set up my first experiment but can't get the preview pane to load. It just hangs with "Loading Preview". Even in the editing mode the page is not showing up correctly. I've read the article about mixed content and loaded that (although I notice the fonts are off so its not loading Fontdeck nor a carousel we have auto rolling on the page). Not sure if its all connected? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Page is


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Amanda 11-12-14

Re: Preview won't load

Hey there! I just took a quick look at your page and it looks like the snippet is not on the page. When you page won't load in the editor, this is the biggest culprit --- we actually load your page through a proxy when the snippet is not on the page, and this can cause some problems for certain sites. 


This is step #2 in Common Editor loading issues higlighted in the article you refereced. 


If you can get the snippet on the page, it should work no problem. 

stan255 12-15-14

Re: Preview won't load

My Optimizely script is on my page but the preview is still not loading since yesterday. How can this be fixed?

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