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Problem A/b split testing pages with optin button 2 noticeable problems

RunnerMan 02-17-15

Problem A/b split testing pages with optin button 2 noticeable problems

Hi guys,


I am trying to a/b split test my two pages with an optin button. I redirected the variation to the second page using the techinique they showed in the video here


problem 1 I do not see the simple match url section metioned at 1:02



Page A has a double optin button


Page B has a single optin button


I am doing track clicks on the double optin button and single optin button as the element to be tracked.
I was able to select the element to be tracked and save it. 

The problem is after saving it I view the goals to double check and it says no elements tracked, for both optin button optins.


What is the correct way to a\b split 2 pages with different optin buttons?






Kathryn 02-18-15

Re: Problem A/b split testing pages with optin button 2 noticeable problems

Hey RunnerMan,

Those are great questions!

The best way to track clicks on elements on two different pages is as follows:

1. Set up a new click goal
2. Load the URL for your original page by clicking the blue "Expand" button and entering the URL in the field below the heading "URL used for preview below"
2. Click the element you want to track
3. Now load the URL for your redirect page following the same steps as in point 2
4. On the new page, click the second element you want to track
5. In the Advanced section of the goal, look for a section entitled "Goal targeting" and select the option "Specify custom pages on which to track this goal"
6. Specify the two URLs on which you wish to track this goal

These steps are also outlined in the following article with illustrative screenshots:

If you now open up the Advanced section of the goal and look in the Selector field, you should see two selectors, which are separated by commas. For example #button, #button2. These indicate the selectors that you're tracking.

Please note that when viewing a click goal, you will always see the original version of the URL you're loading. What this means is that if you're tracking a selector which is only available after changes have been made or which is only available on a different URL than the one you're viewing in the goal screen, you might see the note "No elements are tracked". This doesn't mean that the goal will not work, but rather that the selector you're tracking isn't available on the page you're previewing in the goal screen.

If by chance you do run into issues with goal tracking regardless, I can recommend this article, which helps troubleshoot any goal-related issues:

Just let me know if anything is unclear!

Best wishes,