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Problem setting up goals. Need help!

russtanner6 07-15-15
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Problem setting up goals. Need help!

I'm pretty new to Optimizely and I have a quick question. We want to figure out if removing certain elements from a page will 1) cause more people to visit the contact page, and 2) cause more people to actually submit an inquiry form on the contact page. 


This is the page we want to A/B test: The goal (if possible) would be to track if people that visit the admissions page eventually (during their session) move to the contact page (that's goal 1) and then as a second goal hit the thank you page after submitting an inquiry form (goal 1).


I don't know if this makes sense or is doable! I'd really appreciate any suggestions. Thanks a lot.


Re: Problem setting up goals. Need help!

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Hey there,

No problem - this is absolutely doable and very easy!

What you need to do is setup two separate goals, both being pageview goals. In the editor just hit the goal button at the top right with the flag. Then create a new goal.

Name the goal and make sure "What to Track" is set to Pageview. Then below under the URL field put the URL of the contact page and for the form submit goal use the URL of the thank you page.

Depending on how the site is setup, you may need to adjust the URL match type and the way you put the URL in. For example, if there are parameters that might get appended at some point, then you need to do a substring match or use regular expressions. Then the URL might look something like this:

For substring match:

For regular expression:

So you may need to just test which way of setting up this goal works best when you QA.

Hope this helps!



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russtanner6 07-15-15

Re: Problem setting up goals. Need help!

Thanks! That was exactly what I needed.