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Problem with Optimizely Event API

Sonyque 03-22-17

Problem with Optimizely Event API

As I see there is no way for effectively debug this API. The server always returns 200 OK with a 1px image. Does anyone know how to debug this business?

I read many times and try to do requests with different params, but still, has no luck with that.

From guide is not clear in what format should I send User ID. 
Should it be a value of cookie optimizelyEndUserId: oeu1490173798668r0.08643754503179157?
Or it must be the only ID number with suffix r0 as in guide example 1490173798668r0?

I think this can be a source of my problem. Please help or share your experience with this method of making offline conversions.

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Reneevl 04-13-17

Re: Problem with Optimizely Event API

Hi there,


Thanks for reaching out!


I was wondering if you receive the error when using the API call as described in our developers doc?


I am looking forward to your reply!



Renée van Leijen
Technical Support Engineer
mh_6535 12-07-17

Re: Problem with Optimizely Event API

Hello, is there a way to debug the Optimizely Event API?
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