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Problem with Q2W3 fixed widget

NoHat 12-03-14

Problem with Q2W3 fixed widget

I'm using a fixed widget on the right side bar of my site so that people can constantly click on the link that drives them to my landing page.


I've created a variation for that widget and encountered a problem:


When I look at the preview, everything looks fine until the "sticky feature" of the widget is triggered (when I start scrolling further down). Then the widget suddenly goes on the right handside of the page, making it look terrible since it's coming on top of some of the content.


Any of you have encountered similar problems with widget? Found a way to solve them?



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Josh 12-04-14

Re: Problem with Q2W3 fixed widget

Hey Nohat,

It sounds like a css problem. Could you paste the code and describe the experiment a little bit?
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