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Problems with variations not showing changed image

brunom 03-08-16
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Problems with variations not showing changed image

Hi ... we have an experiment running, where we are directing 100% of the traffic to, as we want to show (for example in today's case) the IWD (International Women Day) logo variation on our login page. However, when a browser (tested on Chrome, Firefox and Safari on OSX) has already visited the login page, the variation (which is mostly the image change) does not display, it uses a cached version.


Some of the symptoms ... we see the stretched logo (as we do change the CSS to adapt to this new logo, which is slightly wider), if we clear all the offline content, cookies, etc on our browser and reload, the new, updated image, appears.


What can we do to ensure that our users will see the variation with the different logos without them having to clear their cache? As nobody will be doing that on a regular basis.





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DavidS 03-09-16

Re: Problems with variations not showing changed image

 Hi brunom,


Thanks for reaching out!

I understand that you want to implement logo variations on your login page and have these variations show to your visitors.


Optimizely relies on a consistent user experience. This means that if one visitor on your website sees one variation of your login page, they will keep seeing the same variation until they clear their cookies or until you pause the experiment. 

This could explain why, when you have visited the login page once, then made changes in the Visual Editor, and visited the login page again you were still seeing the original version.


In your case, if you want all visitors to be rebucketed to a new variation then the recommended practice is to pause your current experiment, duplicate it, make your logo changes on the newly duplicated experiment and then start running this duplicated experiment with traffic allocation settings set to 100% to one variation. This will ensure that all visitors (new or returning) will see your logo change on your login page.


Does that help clear things up?