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Product price in Magento

Alistair_M 05-05-15

Product price in Magento

Hi there,


I would like to test test product prices using Magento and Optimizley.


Is there a clever way to do this or would I need to create a duplicate sku with everything the same apart from the price and mark it as no index for google then get the original sku to show that page to 50% of visitors and forward the other 50% to the other page?


Maybe could create a configfigurable product with 2 child products and display 50/50?


Appreciate anyones insight if they have already figured this out, couldnt find anything in the knowledgebase for it.

Re: Product price in Magento

Hi @Alistair_M,


One of our community members posted a very interesting approach to this type of test in December. Essentially, they used client-side JavaScript to establish each price version as a custom data attribute.  Using custom data attributes allows the broeser to crate a data object that can be read, stored, or manipulated.  You can read the thread here.


What are our other Community members doing to execute price tests?

Harrison Krat
Solutions Architect | Optimizely, Inc.