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Product review experiment

Stevenkr 08-27-15

Product review experiment

Hello Optiverse!


I was wondering how i could experiment with adding product reviews to my products in magento. Is this possible?


Thank you.

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Mario 09-02-15

Re: Product review experiment

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out to Optiverse.

Could you please give me more details about what exactly you are trying to test or do with the product reviews. Is your question more related to the implementation of the product reviews or about the strategical use of reviews to increase the conversion rate ?


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Re: Product review experiment


Your best bet would be to implement a product reviews system natively in Magento, and then test hiding/showing it via Optimizely. You will most likely not be able to add a product reviews system through Optimizely alone as the application would need to speak with your product database in Magento--which means backend/server-side programming would be required--and Optimizely is a JavaScript solution (i.e. frontend solution).

Assuming you implement a reviews app/module and wish to hide/show it, you'll probably also need to use a setInterval method in your Optimizely JavaScript to detect for the presence of the reviews section (i.e. DOM elements) getting loaded onto your page, as they won't exist right away. If you have a savvy Magento developer on your team, he/she could also try to fire a custom event when said reviews module/app has loaded on the page, and then you could listen for this in the Optimizely JavaScript and run your hiding/showing accordingly.

In terms of hiding/showing the reviews content, whatever app/module you choose to use for the reviews will put the content on the page by default. If you want this content to be hidden by default, you would need a developer to tweak the module code / Magento templates such that the app/module's elements get loaded into a hidden <div> or other hidden element. Then you could SHOW this in the Optimizely variation.

The exact details will vary based on your store, your Magento templates/existing codebase, and the reviews app/module you choose to use. However, the above procedure is a pretty general approach that could be applied to most systems.
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