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Project vs Experiment

Ruiyang12 01-01-15

Project vs Experiment


Hi All,


I have a question regarding the difference between a project and an experiment. For instance, If I want to test on my company blog, should I set up a different project from the one for our website? Or I can do it within a different experiment within the same project? When is it necessary to set up a project?


Thank you. 

greg 01-02-15

Re: Project vs Experiment

Each project has a unique Project Code -- that's the piece of code you add to your site to make Optimizely work.


The pros of creating a separate project:

- The project code will be a smaller file size. But this is only significant if you have many active experiments. (Archived experiments do not contribute to the file's size.)

- Organizational separation between "main website" experiments and "blog" experiments.

- You can add colaborators to one project without giving them access to another.


The cons of creating a separate project:

- You'll have to add update the Optimizely code on your blog. Only an issue if you don't have easy access to your code.

- Free (Starter) plans only allow one project per account.


So it's up to you, although if you are on the Starter plan then you're limited to just one project. If you do keep the website and blog in one project, you can still create separate experiments for each, so long as they are on the same domain.

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Ruiyang12 01-02-15

Re: Project vs Experiment

Got it. Thank you!