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Putting snippet on pages with Query Parameters

Opti-Ali 01-22-16

Putting snippet on pages with Query Parameters

Hi Guys,


I want to do a redirect users from to


Currently I have only put the Optimizely code on and, however as I am targetting users who come through a query parameter ( do I need to put the optimizely snippet across ALL urls?


At present, the 'inspect console function' shows Optimizely detected on '', but not for ''.


My audience conditions are set to 'visitor matches utm_content contains brand', so I do not think it is a problem with my audience settings.

The test also failed when I altered URL targeting to 'utm_medium=cpc_search&utm_content=Brand' as a substring match instead of a simple match.


Any thoughts are much appreciated.

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Re: Putting snippet on pages with Query Parameters

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I find quite strange the fact that you don't find the optimizely snippet on

Everything past the "?" are just url parameters and should not affect the snippet. I'm running most of my experiments on URLS with query parameters and the experiments (including re-directs) are running smoothly.

Just to be on the safe side, I just checked my console on a (it has the Optimizely snippet) and and the console return correct values when I type Optimizely.

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