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Question about default goal/experiment lifecycle

michaelmichael 04-06-16

Question about default goal/experiment lifecycle

I'm a new user, so I apologize if this is answered elsewhere. I checked the Knowledge Base and couldn't find an answer.


By default, when a user hits a goal, are they still "in the experiment" and able to trigger more goals? If not, do they restart the experiment? With the same variation or a different one? Is this the same across all goal types? How can I modify this behavior if I wish?


I'm asking specifically about the behavior of the iOS SDK, but it'd be helpful to know if it's the same across all platforms too.



unawaz 04-07-16

Re: Question about default goal/experiment lifecycle

Yes, user stay in the experiment and can trigger multiple goals (you may get their hits on results page under "total" option against that goal). So nope, They do Not restart the experiment.
I guess yup, this behavior is same across all goal types except "custom goals".
I would also be interested to know how can we modify this behavior. thanks
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