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Rearranging Video Elements

rossgarner1 07-29-15
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Rearranging Video Elements

Hi Everyone,


I'm trying to rearrange the embedded element on a landing page.


The rearrange element tool in the visual editor doesn't seem to be able to handle it; i've tried taking the code from the first element to duplicate in another location and hasn't worked either.


Any ideas on how I can achieve my goal?



siherron 07-29-15

Re: Rearranging Video Elements

Are you able to post the URL to the landing page?
It might be that you're not selecting and moving the correct element, for instance if the video was embedded via an iframe. A URL would help to identify the issue.
Simon Herron
Optimisation Consultant
Level 2
rossgarner1 07-29-15

Re: Rearranging Video Elements

Actually, yes I managed to solve it - it was in an iframe. thanks anyway!