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Redirect Problems - compatibility mode

akredfish 02-19-16

Redirect Problems - compatibility mode



Optimizely newbie here, so apologies if this is an obvious fix and i have missed it in the trouble shooter. 


I am setting up a redirect test, the original page and one variation page. Although I enter the redirect url and this shows as the variation url in the 'redirect setup' window, the preview for the redirect page will not load - it sticks in compatability mode, and when saved the page preview/test shows the original page, rather than the variation page which it should be redirecting to. The original page loads without problem. THey are identical pages except for the fields on a form. I am doing a redirect rather than A/B because the fields are all required. 


Thank you for your help! 

JDahlinANF 02-19-16

Re: Redirect Problems - compatibility mode

The preview panel does not honor redirects - it only dispalys changes to the page that you've told the editor to use. If you enter the second URL as the editor's URL, then that page will show up for your Control variation as well.