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Redirect expirement goal tracking

LukeMartinAllC 11-11-16

Redirect expirement goal tracking



When setting up goal tracking on redirect experiments can I just use the option 'Use experiment targeting conditions' to initialise goal tracking on the redirect page as opposed to listing out the URLs in the option 'specify custom pages on which to track this goal'.


The reason I want to do this is that I have 5 redirect experiments that I want to use one goal for. However, its fairly cumbersome to have to keep adding URLs into the goal settings.


I have been referring to to aid me in setting up goals for redirect expirements and it does seem outline that you have to list out all of the urls.


Can anyone give me some insight on this?

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robertchan 11-14-16

Re: Redirect expirement goal tracking

It depends on whether your goals exist on pages outside of what you've URL targeted, otherwise, you're good to use experiment targeting conditions as you mentioned. If you have pages outside, then you'll need to specify those as custom pages.
Robert Chan

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Brian_Abad 11-14-16

Re: Redirect expirement goal tracking

As Robert mentioned, if the URLs where the goal should be tracked on encompassed by URL Targeting of the experiment, the Goal Targeting setting can be set to "Use experiment targeting conditions". If the URLs are *outside* the scope of what's in URL Targeting, then you'll have to use the "Specify custom pages on which to track this goal" configuration.
Brian Abad
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Re: Redirect expirement goal tracking

In fact you need to add both urls
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